Mark Orsmond

Mark Orsmond, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Orsmond is an experienced business leader with a proven track record of managing and growing businesses to become global enterprises. Prior to joining ElectraMeccanica, Mark acted as the CFO and Executive Vice President of Taiga Motors where he led Taiga’s IPO on to the TSX and simultaneous financing of $151m in equity and $50m in Government Grant commitments. For approximately 3 years, Mark also served as CFO and Executive Vice President of the Corix Group of Companies where he managed a team of over 45 accounting and finance professionals, overseeing an annual budget in excess of $2.5b and $1.6b debt portfolio. Prior to Corix, Mark was a principal of All-Sea Group of companies that he assisted in developing, over a 10 year period, into one of the world’s leading underwater, high-capacity service companies and secured contracts with many of the world’s leading marine participants such as: Rolls Royce, Wartsila, Nakashima, Hyundai, Samsung, Seaspan, Husky Oil, Shell Oil and US marine. Mark is a CPA with a bachelor degree in Accounting Science (B-Compt).